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We work to bring out the best in kids in Rogers County.






Schedules for the 7-8 Leagues are now included.

Note: this set contains a change in the 9-10 Boys group for the February 10 game times.

Games resume on January 6, 2018. Merry Christmas to all!


The New Rules Packet for 2017-2018 is here. (Click hyperlink). Everyone should download it and read it. By Registering, you are acknowledging that you have read the rules, and agree to them.

There are two ways to register: hard-copy and online.

Method one: HARD COPY--Registration FORM. Click the link to download the pdf form. Fill it out, and send it to us according to the directions on the form and in the Rules. (Be sure to" write legibly if you don't use your computer to complete the form; and sign it.)

Alternately, you can pick up a hard-copy form. Forms will be spread around town early in the week of September 19--check at Claremore Community Center (on North Sioux), Claremore Super Recreation Center (on Brady), Ann's Cleaners (at Will Rogers and Cherokee), or Rahmeier & Sanbrano Law Office (at Patti Page and South Florence).

Method two: online. NO LINK to be taken to the secure online registration site. If you have not used this method in past years, you will need to create an account.

When registering online, you may use your credit/debit card, or pick "pay by check" and mail the payment to us. (We are able to accept cards only if you sign up online.)

Our registration deadline is NOW November 3, 2017. Time is running out.

FEES: We are able to maintain the fees at last year's rates: $45 for the 7-8 leagues, and $60 for all others. We believe this is one of the best values in local youth sports. There is a late fee of $20 which will apply for registrations after November 3, 2017.

If you need a scholarship, follow the directions in the Rules Packet.


Thank you for your interest.


Note: Generally, our age groups are based on child's age as of 9/1/2017. However, as you read the Rules for Eligibility (Rule 3.1), you will see that we allow 6-year-olds to play if they reach 7-years of age by the start of play. If you are attempting to register such a child, you must use the hard-copy method: either download or pickup a hard copy; our on-line site cannot accomodate this exception to our rules.


If you have any questions or problems, email us, or call Larry Rahmeier at 918-693-4336

Our Leagues:

The Optimist Club of Claremore has sponsored a Youth Basketball Program since 1985. It is and educational and recreational program, recognized as one of the best-run youth sports programs in Rogers County.

Leagues are offered for Boys and Girls, in the following age groups as of September 1 of the year: 7 & 8 year olds, 9 & 10 year olds, and 11 & 12 year olds. This Year, we plan to open this to 13 year olds, too. The "older league" will combine 11, 12, and 13 year olds.

All games are played on Saturdays at the Super Recreation Center in Claremore. Generally, games start the first Saturday in December, and run through mid-February. Younger (7-8 Year olds) leagues do not start until January. There is always some variation in the schedule, so the schedules on the links in the left sidebar will be more accurate once the league starts.

For practice gyms, we enjoy the cooperation of the Claremore Public Schools. We must obey the rules of each school; we need your help and coopoeration to do so. Please download the Gym Rules sheet here.


One of our often-asked questions is “what size of basketball should I get for my child?” The 11-12 boys play with the regulation sized “men’s ball.” All 9-10 leagues, and the 11-12 girls team, use the standard “women’s ball.” It measures 28.5 inches in circumference; it should have “28.5” on it, too. The 7-8 year old teams use a ball that measures 27.5 in circumference; different manufacturers call it by different names: some say “youth,” some say “junior.”  The best bet is to look for the size: it should say “27.5” somewhere on the ball or the package. You could let your child use a bigger ball to practice, but they might be at a disadvantage when they come to the games and play with the size we use then.

Also, the 7-8 teams play on a goal that is only 9-ft off the floor. Everyone else plays the regulation 10-ft height. Not all the school gyms we use have this height available. So, it will be important for your child to be at the gym early come game day, and warm-up some with the lower goal.

If there are any other questions, please contact Larry Rahmeier, days at 341-3303 or evenings at 918-693-4336.

Thanks to all our coaches, the Claremore Schools, and the Super Recreation Center for making the league possible.


All our coaches are required to be trained by attending a program of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA). The clinic for new coaches will be offered in early November, in connection with the team draw. Previous coaches may renew by mail or on-line at the website for the National Alliance for Youth Sports