Optimist Club of Claremore, Oklahoma

Getting Around:

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Optimists strive to bring out the best in kids.

We are "the Friend of Youth."

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Almost since inception, the Claremore Optimist Club has hosted an annual Easter Egg Hunt, with the generous support of local businesses. In the early days, Egg Hunter licenses were required to be picked up at sponsoring merchants. More recently, the size has grown to make that requirement unenforceable. The Will Rogers Roundup Club has been the location of the hunt since 2005. BUT THIS YEAR, WE RETURN TO THE WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL GROUNDS--at Blue Starr Drive and Will Rogers Blvd.

The 2016 Hunt:

The Hunt is Saturday, March 26, 2016, at the Will Rogers Memorial Grounds. Promptly at 11:30 am.

We're exited about returning to The Will Rogers Memorial for this year's hunt. Traffic is typically heavy, so don't wait and expect to arrive a few minutes before then, you will be TOO LATE.

Note: Ample parking will be available north of the Memorial--just acros Blue Starr. We'll have crossing guards to help you manage the traffic

Click here to see a few of the Happy Egg Hunters and our crew of hiders in 2010.

As always, The annual Hunt is supported by many local businesses, including the following:

Our thanks go out to each.

See you at The Will Rogers Memorial!